Private Cookery Lessons For Christmas

Do you know someone who would really like cookery lessons for Christmas? If so, then why not get them cookery lessons from a private chef, in their own home? If you buy from Private Chef 4 U, based in Brighton, East Sussex, but covering all of East and West Sussex, Surrey and London, then instead of having to go to a cookery school, a private chef could come to their house and provide a lesson for them, and up to three friends. It’s pretty much the perfect Christmas present for someone who likes cooking.

Private Chef 4 U can tailor the cookery lessons to suit the recipients as well. Whether you’re buying for someone who wants to learn how to cook basic good food, or a really good cook who wants to learn some ‘cheffy’ skills, perhaps knife skills, or bread-making, they will design the lessons for those present. They can also provide teaching on how to cook particular cuisines, from French through Italian, all the way to Thai.

For more information or to buy private cookery lessons from your personal chef in Sussex, Surrey or London for a Christmas present for someone you love, [email protected] or call 0771 771 1403.

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