Personal Chef Services

Do you sometimes wish that you had your own personal chef? Want to host a special meal, whether just for the two of you, or a bigger event with other friends and/or family involved too, but not sure you can manage the catering? The answer is to hire your own personal chef for the day or evening. You may be thinking that this cannot be possible, but it can. Perfect Chef 4 U, based in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, provides chef services across East and West Sussex, Surrey and up into London. They provide catering for events like weddings and christenings, but are also happy to come to your house and prepare a meal. If this sounds like a dream come true, read on!

Your personal chef will make contact in plenty of time before your event to discuss what you want, and agree on a menu. They will then come to your house on the day of your event, prepare and cook your meal, and even clear up! All you have to do is tell them what you’d like them to cook, or agree their suggestions, let them know of any dietary requirements, and then relax and enjoy yourself!

For more information, or to book personal chef services for an event large or small, call 07717 711403 or email [email protected].

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