Perfect Chef 4U Founder Terry Stewart

Terry Stewart is the founder of Perfect Chef 4U, and has been interested in cooking and food since he was about eight years old. As a child, he would often be found at his mother’s side in the kitchen, helping her to prepare family meals, and as he grew up, he decided that he wanted to be a chef. He is classically trained, with over twenty years’ experience working in restaurants including several with Michelin stars. For example, he worked as senior chef at ’60 St James’ in Green Park, and Café Nico in Hyde Park, and was also head chef at Pasha in South Kensington, specialising in Moroccan and North African cooking. A few years back, he decided to set up Perfect Chef 4U to bring great cooking into customers’ homes.

He is also a qualified lecturer, teaching catering and hospitality in further education colleges, which has inspired him to offer cookery lessons via Perfect Chef 4 U. He will tailor lessons to you, whether you want some basic cooking skills, want to impress with some ‘cheffy’ touches and skills, or fancy learning about a new cuisine. For more information or to book your personal chef for your event or party, or for lessons, call 07717711403 or email [email protected].

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