Lovely Meals Without The Hassle

Do you sometimes wish there was a way to make lovely meals without the hassle of cooking them? Somehow, you couldn’t describe ready meals or takeaways as lovely, could you? There’s a place for them, of course, but lovely? Not exactly.

But if you live in East or West Sussex, Surrey or London, then there is a way to enjoy fabulous gourmet meals without the hassle. Perfect Chef 4 U, based in Brighton, East Sussex, can send your very own private chef, to come to your house and prepare beautiful food for you to eat. They will even serve and clear up afterwards. You probably wouldn’t do it every day, but for a special occasion when you don’t want to cook, perhaps a wedding anniversary or birthday, or even for a dinner party, it gives you the option of relaxing and enjoying the event without any of the hassle of preparing the food.

If you have ideas for a suitable menu, they will be happy to work with those, or they can suggest ideas if you’re short of inspiration. From traditional British to French, Italian, Thai and other national cuisines, they can provide a beautiful menu and dishes to suit everyone. For more information or to make a booking for a private chef, email [email protected] or call 0771 771 1403.

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