Cookery Lessons At Home In Brighton

Are you totally inept in the kitchen and can even manage to burn baked beans? Do you want to learn to cook more exotic dishes than just your usual spaghetti bolognaise? Are you moving out from your parents into your first home and need to learn to cook? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then why not book yourself a course of private cookery lessons in the comfort of your own home with the team at Perfect Chef 4 U?

Perfect Chef 4 U is a team of top class chefs. The founder of Perfect Chef 4 U Terry Stewart, previously worked in many Michelin starred restaurants in London and is also a qualified lecturer teaching catering skills and hospitality to students in FE colleges and catering schools. As part of their catering services Perfect Chef 4 U also offer cookery lessons to private individuals and small groups teaching the basic skills of cooking right up to the finer arts of preparing more exotic cuisine such as Thai, Italian, French, or Chinese food.

Perfect Chef 4 U can provide cookery lessons in your own home kitchen in Brighton using your own tools and equipment and also work with clients in East and West Sussex, Central London, Greater London and Surrey. Whilst they cannot promise to turn you into a Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver overnight, Perfect Chef 4 u can help you to become a better more accomplished cook and broaden your range of culinary skills so that the days of living off takeaways or beans on toast are a thing of the past in your household.

For more information or to book cookery lessons from your own personal chef , email [email protected] or call 0771 771 1403.

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