Cookery Classes At Home

Would you like some cookery lessons at home, from a genuine chef? Maybe you’re struggling to cook good basic recipes for your family, and you need some help and ideas. Or perhaps you’re quite a good cook, but you’ve got into a bit of a rut, and you want to expand your repertoire of dishes, and get interested in cooking again. Whatever the reason, if you’re in East or West Sussex, Surrey or London, Perfect Chef 4 U would be delighted to send your very own personal chef to your house to tutor you in cooking.

Based in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, they provide catering for events large and small, from canapé parties through to intimate dinner parties or even candlelit meals in your own home. But they also offer cookery lessons at home. If you don’t like the idea of have a lesson by yourself, they’d be happy to include a friend or two, although it does depend a bit on the size of your kitchen. They can also suggest ideas for what you might want to learn, from a new type of international cuisine, through bread and yeast cooking, perhaps to knife skills.

For more information or to book cookery classes at home from your personal chef, call 0771 7711403 or email [email protected].

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